Our Guarantee

Custom Pools, Gunite Construction of the Highest Quality

We pride ourselves on our competent construction as much as our creative designs. We use only the most current methods and materials. All of our pools are constructed with a steel-reinforced gunite shell.

Gunite swimming pool construction is a specialized process during which concrete is pressure-applied to a steel frame and then sculpted by hand to form the shell for your pool. Of the many pool construction methods in use today, gunite construction unquestionably produces the highest quality swimming pool.

Each one of our projects is structurally designed by a licensed civil engineer - this is not required by law but we take the structural integrity of our work seriously. In order to maintain the highest possible quality in our work, we handle many aspects of our projects in-house and use subcontractors only when necessary.

The level of care and attention to detail in our construction process allow us to provide the best warranty available in our market. Texas Waterscapes is a swimming pool builder you can trust. Contact us for details.

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