Texas Waterscapes | Our Services
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Our Services

Our personalized swimming pool construction process means that your ideas can come to life in your own custom waterscape. Your project will be created first on paper in a detailed plan, then right before your eyes in your own backyard.


The following list includes many of the services we provide. If you are interested in a different project, please contact us directly to discuss your options.


Inground Swimming Pools
From understated elegance to an over-the-top tropical fantasy, we’ll bring your project to life.


– Custom pool finishes and colors
– Water slides and diving boards
– Lap pools
– Automatic pool cover systems
– Accessibility and safety features Hot Tubs & Spas
A private oasis relaxing you after work and steaming up your evenings.


– Custom designed hot tubs and spas
– Hydrotherapy tubs
– Grottos and hideaways
– Spa surrounds
– Automatic covers & lifters
Water Features
Custom features can add a dramatic splash to your pool. See our water feature gallery for ideas.


– Water fountains
– Waterfalls
– Water walls
– Spillways


Set the stage with a custom outdoor living area.


– Outdoor kitchens, patios, bars
– Outdoor barbecues and grills
– Fireplaces and fire pits
– Stonework, rock design, masonry and tile
– Concrete staining and treatment
Water Management
Money saved on smart design means more left to entertain friends and family.


– Water pumps
– Salt water systems
– Filtration systems
– Water heating systems Landscaping
Surround your pool with a lovely natural landscape.


– Landscape design
– Tree and shrub installation
– Beds, gardens and ornamental arrangements